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Design concepts...

I'm Worker! That's how I define myself. I'm tireless worker in the search for new designs, everything is not invented! Multidisciplinary and providing each product proper style always with the intention of achieving maximum quality in the hands of manufacturers and companies who want to bet on them, I do not understand the self-production. My notebooks full of sketches saying .... "Single product looking for... !!"

Interiorism concepts...

Philosophy in your project will be to study, review and define the correct distribution working floor plans, with special stress upon the generous steps and good circulation. Enhance the natural light and surprise with the artificial. A balanced quality carpentry and furniture that will become the distinguishing seal. Supported by a relaxing finish walls, floors welcoming and easy to maintain. The textile dress tailored, eventually find room for these personal pieces, pictures, memories of travel, art, etc ... who have joined us in our lives. By 1996 spent the modern minimalism, I was parked at functional, without reloading but more elaborate. In turn I played the classic Salamanca district, all that ensemble is now my style, mix and balance between them. Today my motivations compredenen the search for traditional flavors, reminding us that things stay clear, smells, experiences, relax. Trying to carry it out through cost-effective, durable and impressive materials. Always in search of a line of work and style I draw from my travels, experiences and experiences. They can not miss my trips to the Milan Fair, where I hope to expose a day at the Valencian fair, Casadecor and my crush on Maison & Object Paris.

It all started with......

1991-1995- He joined the family business founded by his father Felipe García Ludeña who transmitted entrepreneurship and wrestler, manager of several companies since 1968, Bealsa, Dalfi-Mobel, Furor and Don Proyecto, making nationwide lounge furniture with about 100 employees. -Learning All processes, purchase of raw materials, cutting, finishing, assembly and distribution.
-Make Two years of industrial furniture design, cutting and production, starting to design new prototypes to be traded between these years Ecu, SD, etc. El Corte Ingles stores nationwide and furniture.
-In 1996 cease business activity by family deaths, directing their training towards commercialization and design facilities.
-1996- Join the team of designers and executives Cisa, SA company coast of Madrid furniture, dedicated to special decorations from wood and custom woodwork.
- From 1996 to 2002 it is consolidated as an executive, thanks to the training within the company in marketing and continued for four years as sales manager and designer.
Likewise working more with professionals, decorators, architects and engineers.
-2002-Until today-Your concerns to improve the quality of delivery and expand their knowledge in Contract projects will lead to found his own studio (TESTA, Tendencias d´Ebanisteria)
Some of the most significant works.
- Export of furniture for Angola.
- Single Family Homes, Vereda de los Alamos (La Moraleja)
- Restaurant the "El Armario" c / San Bartolome, 8 (Chueca, Madrid)
- Restaurant "La Coqueta" c / Libertad (Madrid)
- Restaurant / Club "Cherry" c / General Pardiñas, 34 (Madrid)
- Restaurant "White Hat" c / San Bernardo 97 (Madrid)
-2008 Premium Office (Córdoba)
-2009 Offices Fundación Universidad Empresa c / Serrano Jover, 5 (Madrid)
-2009 Detroit Café c / Villanueva, 43 (Madrid) Bettina Jewelry
-2010 Jewelry Bettina Vega c / Velazquez, 46 (Madrid)
-2011 Family houses (Majadahonda)
-2011 Design Leggio program for GLS Design, Madrid. Marketing it nationally
-2011 Design series of street furniture and benches for public works
-2012- Universidad Empresa Foundation Offices building IFE (Cámarad of Commerce Madrid), Pablo Salinas 11 (Madrid) Local lamps
-2012- Oliva, 57 Hortaleza (Madrid). Perimeter paneling, ceilings and furniture. (Running C.O.S.s.a., project design by Jon Urgoiti.) Shop and Image
-2013- La Toscana bakeries, Ariel (Madrid) Shop
-2013- Vetrinary Shop Alvaro Mendez, Ariel 6 (Madrid)
-2013- Shop Polvillo Bakery, Ribera de Curtidores 37 (Madrid)
-2013- Product Design Madrid, ABC Library COAM (Madrid
-2014- Retail furniture for Chicco. Pharmacy Madrid (prototype)
-2014- Hotel in Sepulveda. overall performance
-2014- Montepríncipe Housing (Madrid)
-2014- Interior and Image playrooms All-In (Colmenar Viejo, Torrejon de Ardoz)
-2014- Retail furniture for The Style Outlets, national level
-2015: DecorAccion, performance in frontage Calle León
-2015: IFC Offices Madrid
-2015-16: Houses in La Moraleja, Madrid, rehabilitation and general design
-2016: NUDE, Feria Habitat Valencia 2016 desktop selected Macfly
-2016: Decoraccion Madrid- Smile Factory, performance interior and image Moratín St
-2016: La Vaguada Madrid house, interior general design.
-2016-2017: Aravaca house, interior design
-2017: La Herreria, bar-restaurant Madrid, overall performance & image
-2017: Ojalá-Shop , fashion shop, overall performance. Navalcarnero Madrid
-2017: Duplex Tres Cantos overall performance
-2017-18: Ferraz St house overall performance
-2018: El Despacho Clandestino, Plomo St Madrid. Concept, image and overall performance
-2018: Decoraccion Madrid- Los Chanquetes, performance interior and image Moratín St
-2018: "Fetiche" design+art. Proucto Fresco Madrid.

My pillars

Jo´se García

Felipe García Ludeña

My father taught me that both the trade of wood and life. An example where look and an incentive to continue the job.

Jane Helf

Testa Studio

My company, who was born in 1999. Testa Studio Where more effort and dedication have made in recent years. Growing and making every effort to maintain the trust of our customers.

My Family

My Family

The engine of my existence. The present and the effort to improve the future. They are those with whom I share my life and my passions.

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My shoes define my workplace, always anywhere.

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